• Pablo Caesar created a new fitness programm:
  • New Book by Photo Pater / Lutske Veenstra:
    Buchcover Underconstruction (Büchse d. Pandora) ISBN: 978-3-88178-373-6
  • 2 guest performance in Singapore have been a great success.
  • At Brighton Festival 2007 the Twins got a price (as in 2005) for "the best international production". They played 20 times at sold out tent.
  • The Caesar Twins perform the Royal Varity Show beeing seen on 12 million TVs and meet the Queen.
  • More photos of the twins on


Logo Base Berlin 

 The Caesar Twins are planning an
Academy for Acrobats and Artists in Berlin.
"We want to create new international acts,
but the point in time has to be appropriate".